4 Steps to Success in Education and the Future

4 Steps to Success in Education and the Future

4 Steps to Success in Education and the Future

starrealtyma.com – Want to be successful but still confused about how? This article is right for you because it provides the best steps for success in education and in the future. What are the steps? Let’s find out here!

In terms of achieving success, maybe many of you can relate to the memes above. Every time before going to sleep, you imagine the success that you want to achieve, but it’s not as fun when you think about having to try. Maybe it’s not that you don’t want to try, but you’re confused about what you should actually do.

So, if you are still confused, this article is perfect for you. Because, this time I will share four ways to be successful in education and in the future

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Learn How To Learn

Learning is indeed a very important process in life, especially if you want to have expertise in a certain field. From simple things like being able to walk to just running through the learning process.

Mahatma Gandhi also once gave advice to take advantage of the time you have to study because life is not forever. The advice he gave through the expression below.

So, to support your learning success, learning the right way of learning for you is also necessary, you know. This is what people often miss. I used to get dizzy thinking about the amount of material that needed to be studied but didn’t prepare for an effective and efficient way of learning. As a result, maybe after a few days I already forgot what I learned.

As reported on the page of The New Zealand Curriculum Update (2012), learning how to learn is very important so that a person does not depend on other people for learning. By knowing your best way of learning, you can proactively find the information and learning media you need.

There are various ways to learn on your own. You might want to try reading about self-learning models so that you get used to controlling yourself and your environment so you don’t hinder the learning process.

In addition, citing a report from Rasmussen University, students can study in four different ways. Can learn through visual media such as pictures and videos, through sound, direct experience, or the process of reading and writing. So, you can observe which way of learning is best for you.

If in your opinion one method is not stable, you can also combine several methods in your learning process. In the words of an American cognitive scientist, Marvin Misky, “You will not understand anything until you learn it in more than one way.”

Learning how to learn is also included in the framework of success. If you want to know more about the importance of how to learn, you can check out the cool video below.

Time Discipline

This time discipline is related to your time management. How do you divide your time and allocate it to study something or even work. So, if the time is set, what you do is be disciplined in fulfilling it.

How long is the effective study time? According to the Thoughtco report (2019), a good length of time for one study session is at least one hour. But it also depends on how much material you have to learn. If one hour is less, you can make several sessions by inserting breaks between each session.

Oh, but I’m a person who likes to procrastinate and if I study or work I don’t last long. Calm. You can really use the Pomodoro study technique, a technique for managing study time with a timer that is equipped with rest periods while at the same time strengthening your determination to study (Francesco Cirillo, 2018).

To know more about this technique, you can read this article entitled “Help Students Learn Effectively with the Pomodoro Technique – for Teachers”.

Not Afraid to Fail

As reported by Verywell Mind (2021), the fear of failure or atychiphobia, usually arises as a response to a situation or because of self-perfectionism.

Well, one sign of fear is an attitude that tends to avoid. So, that’s why if you’re afraid of failing to win, maybe you’ll choose not to take part in the competition at all.

In pursuing success, be it in the world of education or career, don’t let your fear frustrate your dreams. Even Jerome Polin, an Indonesian YouTuber who is included in the Forbes 30 Under 30 2021 list, has also experienced failure. Check out the article entitled Jerome Polin, Failure Becomes the Beginning of Success to know his story.

To overcome fear, you can increase your courage. According to a report from The Atlantic, you can increase your courage by focusing on what’s in the moment, and simulating something before you actually have to do it.

Purpose Driven Not Just Profit Driven

Purpose driven means that the drive you have to do something is your personal goal. Meanwhile, if it is profit driven, it is profit or money that gives you encouragement.

So, if we talk about the urge to do something, we will refer to what is called motivation. As reported by Verywell Mind (2020), if you still base what you do on the benefits that you can get from the outside world, such as money, it means that your motivation is not internal motivation but external motivation or rewards.

Well, according to research, intrinsic motivation can be a predictor for better quality work, you know. With intrinsic motivation, your spirit will be stronger because, as reported by Forbes (2018), having a purpose means you are ready to immerse yourself in that goal. From realizing that goal, you will get its own satisfaction.

So, those were the 4 steps to success that I can share. You can apply these four steps or methods both in the world of education or career so you can achieve success.

And, don’t forget to take action to apply everything you have learned and prepared because as Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, a famous German writer said, “In the end, what is remembered from a learning process is only what is directly applied in practice.”