The Importance of Being On Time

The Importance of Being On Time

The Importance of Being On Time – One of the things that is considered trivial by most people in Indonesia is the “crazy” thing. It is common knowledge that being late or not on time is a very common thing in the life around us. The reasons vary, from getting stuck, getting up late and others. Gradually, this habit of being late becomes a difficult thing to fix. In fact, being on time is a small habit that has a big influence in our lives.

Then, is it timely?

On time is defined as the act of doing what we have to do exactly at a predetermined time. There are several reasons being on time is important, including:

  1. On time to train ourselves to be disciplined and make us people who can be trusted. A punctual person is a person who can discipline himself because he has a strong commitment. The nature of this discipline will make us trusted later.
  2. On time shows that we are people who are dedicated to whatever is done.
  3. On time train yourself to have targets and try as much as possible to meet these targets.
  4. Time is a very precious thing that cannot be repeated. If we are on time, of course we already appreciate the time we have,
  5. On time will lead us to success.

To be on time is not always easy. Some of the hurdles we may have to overcome are long travel distances, heavy traffic and busy schedules. However, being on time is important. For example, in the workplace, people who are punctual are usually seen as reliable and diligent. On the other hand, latecomers can affect the work of others and the quality of products and services. If a student is often late, he can miss lessons and have difficulty achieving. Showing up late for a doctor’s appointment can affect the treatment you get.

The effects of not being on time are not only felt by those who do it, even other people who are on time can be affected too. More than that, not being on time can also disrupt all the important agenda schedules that have been made.

Not being on time is really dangerous, this can damage the morale of the Indonesian people. Admittedly, being punctual is hard to break away from most people’s bad habits. However, some of them even consider not being on time as normal. Not even being on time is considered part of Indonesian culture. Isn’t the good and bad of a nation seen from the habits of its people? Why do bad habits become a culture? Good habits should be used as culture. Maybe this is also what makes the Indonesian people not progress. Still a developing country. How can this country progress if its people cannot respect time. Therefore, make it a habit to come on time. Appreciate all the time we have. Because time will never wait, if it’s past,

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