5 Ways to Be Smart that You Must Try

5 Ways to Be Smart that You Must Try

5 Ways to Be Smart that You Must Try

https://www.starrealtyma.com/ – You know, studying isn’t the only way to be smart. You can also be smart in a variety of other ways, you know, for example by socializing or making friends with people with different characters.

Intelligence can make a person have critical and open thinking, high curiosity, social spirit, and able to empathize.

In addition, smart people often appear more attractive to others. In fact, there are types of sexual orientation whose main interest is based on the level of intelligence (sapiosexual).

To hone this intelligence, you need to do a number of ways, both academic and non-academic.

Various Ways to Be Smart

Here are ways to be smart that you can try:

1. Apply a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle does not only affect physical and mental health, but also the level of intelligence. Research proves that people who adopt a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly experience increased activity in the hippocampus, which is the part of the brain that plays a role in remembering and understanding things.

Apart from exercising regularly, another healthy lifestyle that you must adopt as a way to be smart is to eat foods that can support brain function, such as omega fatty acids, vitamin K, and flavonoid compounds. These nutrients can be obtained from the following foods:

  • Seafood, such as mackerel, anchovies, sardines, or shellfish
  • Fruits, such as avocado, rambutan, cantaloupe, salak, or oranges
  • Vegetables, such as spinach, mustard greens, or cabbage
  • Seeds, such as flaxseed or soybeans
  • Besides that, don’t forget to get enough sleep, OK? Adequate sleep can improve brain function in learning information and increase productivity.

2. Do meditation

The next way to be smart is to meditate regularly. Meditation is proven to have a good effect on brain function, such as improving focus and memory, and helping you to understand things more easily.

In addition, meditation can also reduce levels of stress hormones, so that your body and mind can be more relaxed. Meditation can be done for 10–20 minutes in the morning before activities, during lunch breaks, at night before going to bed, or after exercising.

3. Try new things

Try exploring other things that you have never done. Besides adding skills, trying new things can also make you smarter. For example, learning to play a musical instrument can help improve brain function while protecting nerve cells from damage.

Another example is routine reading books. This activity can stimulate the brain so that it can improve focus, memory, and add insight. Apart from that, you can also play games that can sharpen your brain, such as crosswords or word order.

4. Be social

To be smarter, you also need to socialize. Meeting and exchanging ideas with friends or new people can add insight, build a network (networking), as well as relieve stress. You can start socializing by joining a sports club or volunteering.

5. Keep learning

Don’t be satisfied with the knowledge you have, OK? There are still many new things out there that you can learn and make you smarter.

Apart from continuing your formal education, you can gain new knowledge from listening to podcasts, attending workshops, reading books, or reading information from social media accounts.

Those are the five ways to be smart that you can do. Remember, being smart cannot be realized in just one night. You have to make lifestyle changes and study hard consistently to become a smart person.

If you have problems socializing, find it difficult to do new things, or have other things that can hinder your path to becoming a smart person, consult a psychologist for the right advice.