21 Ways to Be Smart that You Need to Know and Apply!

21 Ways to Be Smart that You Need to Know and Apply!

21 Ways to Be Smart that You Need to Know and Apply!

https://www.starrealtyma.com/ – How to Get Smart – As busy lives increase, it may be difficult for us to find time to sit down and really learn something new or add insight. Never mind reading the latest studies, when you finish a fairly light fiction book it can be delayed for quite a while. This can happen because of the responsibility for a task and also tend to play smartphones.

Even though reading books can make someone smarter. Not just reading books, but there are still many activities or ways to be smart. However, sometimes some people don’t know the right way to be smarter. For those of you who don’t know how to be smart, don’t worry.

This article will discuss more about how to be smart that you can apply in your daily life. So, watch this article to the end..

How to Be Smart for the Public

The following are ways to be smart that you can do at home or at an educational institution.

1. Read a lot

Reading a lot can certainly broaden your horizons. There are many opinions about what reading habits you should do, from reading newspapers every day (both print and online) to reading fiction or non-fiction books. In addition, reading activities do not have to be completed in one sitting (except for short articles), what is important is to always have time to read.

2. Utilize Online Time Wisely

Spending time surfing the internet doesn’t have to be spent on social media or by watching funny videos. It turns out that the internet can be an endless source of knowledge. There are insights that you can get online, such as taking online courses, creating a blog, learning something new through video tutorials, and so on.

3. Write What You Just Learned

Taking a few minutes every day to then write about what you just learned can make that knowledge easier and stick in your brain longer than just reading it. What’s more, if you write it by hand on paper, it can improve brain abilities.

This is because the motor nerves will then come to work and you will be more focused on what you write than writing it with a computer keyboard or touchscreen. Write by hand in about 7 minutes per day as an exercise to keep the brain sharpened.

4. Explain What You’ve Learned to Others

Albert Einstein once said: “If you can’t explain something simply, you don’t really understand it.” Apart from writing, one way to make it easier for you to understand something is to try to explain what you have learned to other people. If you can explain what you have learned simply, it means you understand what you have learned. In fact, you can share it without having to meet face to face or via social media.

5. Create a “Done List”

If you usually write a list or bucket list of things you want to achieve, then there’s nothing wrong with trying to make a list of things that you have actually achieved. The idea of ​​making a “done list” was then advocated by several well-known motivators, with the aim of building self-confidence and a feeling of happiness by looking back at what has been achieved, because these two things are an important part of intelligence.

6. Play games that sharpen the brain

Don’t just play trending mobile games, there’s nothing wrong with trying to play games that are not only recreational but also train the brain. Chess, sudoku, puzzles, scrabble are some examples. What’s more, now there are many brain-sharpening games that you can download to your smartphone.

7. Make friends with smart people

Instead of making you feel inferior, you should be grateful when you are surrounded by smart people. This is because by making friends with smart people, one becomes accustomed to the activities of these smart people. In fact, according to a study, the 5 closest people in your life have a huge influence on your attitude, habits, and intelligence. Besides that, having smart friends, you will also be more motivated to be more confident in talking to them, so that their insights will increase.

8. Trying New Things

When Steve Jobs was young, he studied calligraphy. After dropping out of school, the founder of Apple then had a lot of free time and decided to take a calligraphy course. Although it sounds strange, the design skills of this course actually had a major influence on the creation of the first Macintosh computer.

The point of this story is that you will not know what knowledge will be useful later. So, there’s nothing wrong with always trying new things, especially things that you like or things that are random.

9. Exercise

Moving actively will help improve your brain’s ability to remember, imagine, and then complete tasks in a more organized manner. It is not known for sure the relationship between brain activity and exercise. But there’s nothing wrong with regular exercise because it can increase blood flow to the brain

10. Consuming Nutritious Foods

Consumption of balanced nutritious foods, such as carbohydrates, vegetable and animal protein, healthy fats, vegetables. Don’t forget to eat fruit and drink 2 L of water per day. Consuming healthy, balanced foods can increase antioxidants in the body, so that the body’s cells can work optimally, including brain cells. Avoid consuming fast food, as well as those that contain too much salt and sugar.

11. Play Music

Another way to become a smart person is to play a musical instrument, for example like the piano, guitar, violin, and so on. Playing an instrument will also help improve your brain’s memory and ability to plan in a fun way.

12. Get Enough Sleep

How to be smart doesn’t oblige you to study all night, but instead adhere to bedtime so that your body can rest 7-8 hours a day. Adequate night’s sleep will also help improve brain power and improve mood. Intelligence is a complex thing for humans.

How to Be Smart Especially for School Children

Here are some ways to be smart that can be done for school children.

1. Prepare all materials before going to school

As a student whose main task is to study, also prepare the subject matter that will be discussed on that day the day before. You can also prepare it in advance. When the material is taught by the teacher, then you already have an idea and can ask questions about things you don’t understand.

2. Buying a Book to Serve as a Special Place to Take Notes

If you are the type of person who likes to mix subject notes in one book, then you should not do it. In other words, you are encouraged to separate notes between one subject and another. That way, it becomes easier for you to understand the subject being explained.

In fact, you also find it easier to repeat the subjects that have been taught. So, from now on, there’s nothing wrong with carrying more than one book. Apart from that, you can also give a small space in the book to fill in important notes. That way, the material that has been explained by the teacher becomes easier to remember.

3. Maximizing Stationery

If currently your writing tools only consist of pens and erasers, it’s time for you to buy additional writing tools such as highlighters as well as sticky notes and sticky notes. When there is a part that needs to be remembered more than any other part, then you can mark that part. Currently, there are tons of cute and cool stationery items that can be used to motivate learning.

4. Make illustrations on books

Pasting the inside of the book using stickers or decorating it with your own illustrations can certainly increase the enthusiasm for learning. In this way, you can also do it for subjects that are difficult for you to master. For example, in memorizing historical stories, you can describe the heroes and the various conditions they experienced. Meanwhile, in mathematics, you can draw pictures combined with formulas that will help you learn.

5. Read the Supplementary Reference Book

Remember that the knowledge you get at school is limited, so it needs to be supported by references from other books. Better yet, ask the teacher about books that can be read besides the required books from school. You will also get a new perspective as well as additional knowledge that complements the material from school.

6. Record Summary of Lessons Learned

Take note of what you learned at school that day, such as a verbal note from the teacher that you found important. Apart from aiming to repeat the things you have learned, recording a summary of the subject matter will then indirectly make you learn.

7. Always pay attention to the lesson

Compared to playing on a cellphone in class or making scribbles in a book, you should stay focused on paying attention to what the teacher is teaching. Even better, you postpone the desire to chat with friends and various other activities that will make you lose focus. This method is also mandatory for those of you who have little time to study at home.

8. Often ‘Uses’ Brain

This central organ needs to be constantly trained so that it remains sharp and functions properly. Do things that look simple, but are effective for maximizing brain work, such as by playing brain teaser games, reading books or any type, listening to the radio, participating in meaningful discussions, and then learning a foreign language.

9. Not Delaying Tasks and Homework

Do the assignments and homework given by the teacher without having to wait for the submission deadline. This can be one of your motivations to keep your spirits up when you get a task. Prioritize the additional work and set aside other busyness. After you finish your assignments and homework from school, you will have more free time to do other things.


From all the discussion above it can be said that it will be successful if you do it regularly. Not only done routinely, but also must be adjusted to the characteristics of the self. Besides that, you also shouldn’t give up because there’s nothing easy to turn yourself into smart.

Thus the discussion on how to be smart, I hope all the discussion above is useful for our site. If you want to find a book about the brain, then you can find it on our site

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