5 Effective Ways to Learn Japanese for Beginners

5 Effective Ways to Learn Japanese for Beginners

starrealtyma.com – Japanese is a language that is in demand by various groups. For those who want to learn Japanese, you can try several ways to learn Japanese that are effective for beginners.

Quoted from Utilization of E-learning for Kanji and Japanese Grammar Training for Intermediate Levels, Vera Y, (2014: 229), currently many students continue to improve their foreign language skills. One of the languages ​​studied is Japanese.
5 Effective Ways to Learn Japanese

Here are some effective ways to learn Japanese for beginners:

1. Learn Basic 3 Japanese Letters

To learn Japanese, you have to learn the basic 3 Japanese letters first. This is because Japanese has 3 types of letters, namely hiragana, katakana, and kanji.
Hiragana and katakana letters are phonetic symbols where each letter represents one syllable.
Meanwhile, kanji letters are ideograms used to describe the meaning of each utterance.

2. Lots of Listening to Conversations

A fairly effective way to learn Japanese is to listen to conversations in Japanese. For example watching movies or vlogs from Japanese content creators.
Hearing conversations in Japanese will really help the process of learning Japanese. Getting used to hearing it from native Japanese will make students familiar with the way of speaking and Japanese sentence structure.

3. Listen to Japanese Songs

Listening to Japanese songs can also improve these foreign language skills.
By listening to songs, students will be entertained by the music, as well as learn Japanese.

4. Read a lot of Japanese

The next method that is quite effective in learning Japanese is to read a lot of Japanese texts.

Reading regularly will also really help students to understand grammar, sentence structure, and get new vocabulary.

5. Write in Japanese

Frequently writing in Japanese is an effective way of learning. For example, write a daily journal.
Keep in mind, to learn Japanese, students must practice every day. Consistency in learning is the key for students to be successful in learning a new language.
Those are some effective ways to learn Japanese for beginners. (Ai)

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